Fire Island Pines is well-known for its spectacularly-designed houses, but only Kikico Property Management complements the luxurious housing market of the Pines with the highest level of customer service available.


Kikico is the only Property Management company in the Fire Island Pines community with a full-time staff, which allows us to provide a unique and more involved experience for our managed properties.  With most of the other rentals in the Pines, once the lease is signed the renter's only point of contact is a real estate broker who may have hundreds of other clients taking up their time.  With Kikico, there is a level of personalized attention to detail you will not find anywhere else in the Pines.  Our rental and sale prices are competitive, and the Kikico properties themselves are some of the best maintained in the community.


In addition to handling the management of our own properties, Kikico can also extend our professional services and experience to other owners' properties.  A home is a great investment, but maintaining a house - especially on Fire Island - is a neverending job.  Let Kikico do the work for you and allow us to oversee your investment year round.  This will provide your tenants with a premiere rental experience without you having to worry about the details.


Kikico has been serving the Pines community for over 20 years.  In addition to a wonderfully dedicated Kikico staff, the successful longevity of this company can be attributed to the owner and life-long resident of the Pines, Nicole LaFountaine.  No one is more familiar with the Fire Island Pines community and rental market than Nicole.  Her personal involvement and history with the community adds a level of security and trust for the consumer knowing they are renting with a reputable and honest company.