If you travel straight across the Great South Bay from Sayville, Long Island to the Fire Island barrier beach, you will discover the vibrant community of Fire Island Pines.  Named after the scrub pine trees in the area, Fire Island Pines was originally the site of a Coast Guard station.  In the 1950's, plans were announced to sell over one hundred lots and build a private harbor for yachts.  The 1960’s welcomed in a new era to the Pines with encouragement from the gay community, and it became one of the more visited destinations on Fire Island.   


Fast forward to today, the Pines - a predominately gay community - is home to some of the most appealing and expensive real estate on all of Fire Island.  These beautiful houses may boast stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean or Great South Bay, large windows to watch sunrises or sunsets, gorgeous swimming pools, open floor plans, and multiple bedrooms.  Being in a small community, all properties are within walking distance of the beach, harbor, ferry, restaurants, bars and shops.


Whether you are looking to take the wagon down to the grocery store to gather ingredients for a home cooked meal, grab a drink with some friends by the pool, enjoy a delicious meal at a restaurant, watch the sunset on the Great South Bay, or attend one the famous all night parties, Fire Island Pines has all that to offer and more.